Jeremy Jordan - Broadway, Here I Come! 


Let It Go - Carrie Hope Fletcher

no more running, no more lying. 

Courtney Reed transforms into Broadway’s Princess Jasmine


andrew lloyd webber looks exactly like the kind of person who would write a musical about cats


favorite musicals: 2/?matilda

"just because i find myself in this story, it doesn’t mean that everything is written for me. if i think the ending is fixed already i might as well be saying that it’s ok, and that’s not right!"


Colm: But if you want to know the truth, I don’t think he [Valjean] is the star of the show at all.

Interviewer: No? Who is?

Colm: The bishop. It all stems from him. Valjean keeps going to back to him for inspiration in the book, even though he is dead: “The bishop would approve of this.”

In Theatre Magazine (1998).


Broadway’s Aladdin tribute to Robin Williams. <3